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Ultimate Girls Weekend Getaway: A 2-Night Itinerary in Hochatown, Broken Bow, OK

There's something magical about a girls' weekend getaway – a chance to escape the routine, bond with your besties, and create unforgettable memories. If you're planning a 2-night retreat and seeking the perfect destination, look no further than Hochatown in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Nestled in the Ouachita Mountains, this charming area offers a delightful mix of nature, relaxation, and just the right amount of adventure. To help you make the most of your time, here's a comprehensive 2-day itinerary for an unforgettable girls' weekend in Hochatown.

Day 1: Friday - Arrival and Relaxation

4:00 PM - Check-in at a Broken Bow Vacay Cabin - We choose The Lookout for our stay as it sleeps 11 with luxury beds!

Start your girls' weekend by checking into a charming cabin in Hochatown. With a variety of cabins available, from rustic retreats to luxurious lodges, you're sure to find the perfect accommodation to suit your group's style and preferences. Look for a cabin that offers the amenities you desire, such as a hot tub, fireplace, and spacious communal areas for group activities.

6:00 PM - Welcome Dinner at a Local Eatery

After settling in, head out for a delicious welcome dinner at one of Hochatown's popular restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for classic comfort food or upscale dining, you'll find options to satisfy every palate. Mountain Fork Brewery is a great choice for craft beer enthusiasts, while Abendigo's Grill & Patio offers a diverse menu with a cozy, rustic atmosphere. We ate at Mountain Fork Brewery. It happens to be one of my families favorite spots for meals while in Broken Bow. I was excited to introduce this place to my girl friends.

8:00 PM - Hot Tub and Stargazing

Return to your cabin and unwind in the soothing waters of your private hot tub. Take advantage of the serene surroundings to engage in heartfelt conversations, share laughter, and make plans for the rest of the weekend. As night falls, step outside to marvel at the star-studded sky – a rare treat for those accustomed to city lights. The Lookout has a color changing see-through fireplace which makes the hottub have such a beautiful glow. We could have stayed in the hottub for hours!

Day 2: Saturday - Adventure and Bonding

9:00 AM - Breakfast at Steven's Gap

Fuel up for the day with a delicious breakfast at Steven's Gap, a local favorite known for its hearty dishes and friendly atmosphere. From classic breakfast fare to creative specialties, there's something for everyone to enjoy. This is a very small restaurant in a strip along 259. Lucky for us, they were not busy. The breakfast menu is very reasonably priced, $4-$8 items! I ordered 1 egg scrambled with biscuit n gravy plus potatoes. One of the other girls ordered a breakfast burrito and french toast. She thought she had over ordered since it was two meals. But the burritos are on the smaller size. So, it was the perfect amount.

10:00 AM - Coffee at Okie Girls Coffee & Ice Cream

Our next stop was at Okie Girls Coffee. They offer many options for traditional and non-dairy coffees.

10:30 AM - Outdoor Adventure: Horseback Riding or Hiking

Embrace the beauty of the surrounding nature with a morning of outdoor adventure. Choose between horseback riding at Riverman Trail Rides or exploring the scenic trails of Beavers Bend State Park. Both options offer a fantastic opportunity to bond with your girlfriends while enjoying the fresh air and stunning landscapes. The tree trail is a very easy hike and was a great start to our weekend.

1:00 PM - Lakeside Lunch at Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Tap Room

After your morning adventure, head to Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Tap Room for an inconic lunch experience. Indulge in delicious wood-fired pizzas and refreshing beverages Be prepared for the wait. We went in the off-hours (2pm) and still had a 45 minute wait for seating. While waiting, you can explore the area shops.

3:00 PM - Retail Therapy at Hochatown's Boutiques

Spend your afternoon indulging in some retail therapy at the unique boutiques and shops scattered around Hochatown. From handmade crafts to boutique clothing, you'll find treasures to commemorate your weekend getaway.

Our trip included Hey Sugar candy store. While we did not purchase the bacon or dirt soda, we did browse the candy options. Fudge slices are around $5 each and many vintage candy options are available. We did not make a purchase here this time.

On that same strip area is The Market, a cute little grocery store with some fresh pies & cakes plus beer & alcohol. Our next stop was Cabin Daddy - a 2-story souvenir shop. I can't believe we've missed this in previous trips. Though it is a rather new store, there are so many really cute things inside! And they had some fun photo ready items out back.

On our way to Sasquatch Candy, we discovered the front parking for another strip of stores that was actually on what looks like the back of the building. We had never explored these stores in the past. Hochatown Mountain company, a BBQ restaurant, and some other stores too. Finally.. Sasquatch Candy store! This place was packed! It has similar items as Hey Sugar but the setup is smaller and more quaint. There is a new cotton candy machine which we were able to watch two purchases happening and it was quite fun to witness. While there we purchased laffy taffy & other candies, a tshirt, stickers, magnets, a stainless cup, and some other items. This was by-far the favorite candy shop for this group.

After leaving the candy store, we headed to the iconic Girls Gone Wine. Pro tip: Head to the back of the store FIRST to make tasting reservations for your group! Then head back to the front to explore! Don't forget to make photos or a gif in the IG room. Make sure to grab a few frozen wineritas for later at the cabin! We picked up the Blueberry, Strawberry, and our favorite choice: Pina Colada.

6:00 PM - Cooking Class or Private Chef Experience

For a memorable evening, consider booking a private cooking class or hiring a private chef to prepare a gourmet meal at your cabin. Alternatively, take a cooking class together to learn a new skill and enjoy a delicious meal you've prepared as a group. Or, pickup or bring supplies to create a charcuterie board at the cabin. The board & a book on how to arrange the board was available at our cabin, The Lookout. You can even make your smores on the board for a fun, Instagram Worthy showing.

8:30 PM - Bonfire and S'mores

Cap off the night with a cozy bonfire. All of the Broken Bow Vacay cabins in Hochatown provide fire pits, making it easy to gather around and share stories. They also have some starter wood and a lighter inside. Don't forget to bring the essentials for classic s'mores – a delightful treat that never fails to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Day 3: Sunday - Serenity and Farewell

9:00 AM - Yoga or Meditation Session

Start your final day with a relaxing yoga or meditation session. The Lookout and all of our cabins at Broken Bow Vacay offer serene outdoor spaces perfect for morning mindfulness. Alternatively, explore Beavers Bend state park for another trail walk or just walk outside in our community. There are many trails that take you to the clubhouse and beyond.

10:30 AM - Coffee

Head over to Hochatown Central for some yummy coffee. Once you've placed your order, you can explore the store next door while you wait.

11:00 AM - Brunch at Shady Oaks Restaurant

Before saying goodbye to Hochatown, treat yourselves to a leisurely brunch at Shady Oaks. Known for its great food, service, and charming ambiance, this eatery is a delightful way to wrap up your weekend. Our group failed by checking out The Lookout Kitchen. It was close to our cabin (and not at all affiliated with The Lookout cabin at Pine Lake). But the food and service were terrible, unfortunately.

1:00 PM - Visit the Hochatown Petting Zoo

For a heartwarming experience, make a pit stop at Hochatown Safari & Petting Zoo. Interact with adorable animals and capture the joyous moments with your friends before heading back home.

3:00 PM - Departure

As your girls' weekend in Hochatown comes to an end, cherish the memories you've created and the bonds you've strengthened. Bid farewell to this enchanting destination, knowing that you've discovered a hidden gem perfect for future getaways.

With its combination of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and cozy cabin accommodations, Hochatown in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable girls' weekend. This itinerary provides a balance of relaxation, adventure, and bonding, ensuring that your 2-night retreat is filled with joy, laughter, and moments to cherish for years to come.

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