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  • Mary Van Meter

Family Travel with Kids - Driving Games

Summer offers a great time to hit the road with your family, but being stuck in a car for long periods of time tests any family’s patience. Tablets and movies are solutions for a period of time, but why not turn it old-school with some games!

For the Movie Lovers: The Movie Game

Begin by naming an actor/actress. Next player states a movie that they were in. Following person states another actor/actress from the named movie. The game continues until a player either answers incorrectly or reuses a previous name/title, they’re then eliminated. Last member standing wins!

For the Foodies: Regional Food Master

Along your road trip, stop in each regional area to find a locally-made snack. As a family you get the fun of finding such items, as well as the joy of sharing each new snack.

For the Story-Tellers: While You Were Sleeping

Once a passenger falls asleep, passengers will take turns crafting a story. Once awake, take turns getting them to believe the story. Keep track of points:

-1 point

Breaks Character while Telling Story

-2 points

If Someone Changes the Story, Ask Them “Are You Sure?”, the Mistaken Player’s Silenced and Loses Points

+3 points [for each story teller]

Successfully Fool the Sleeper

Steal All Others Current Points

The Sleeper Fools the Car & Joins the Story Correctly

Most points upon reaching your destination wins!

For the Music Lovers: Battle of the Bands

Pick a theme [ie. Songs about Cities]. Two contestants have 60seconds to pick a song and then play it. Riders will pick a winner. Tally up points at the end of game or your destination.

Do you have other favorite road trip games? Share them in the comments!


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